Wynter's Story

Wynter Patterson is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, ordained minister and visionary leader, who has dedicated her life to helping others with processing pain and transforming it into purpose. After serving 14 years as an award-winning vice president for JPMorgan Chase Bank, she has a wealth of business and management knowledge that has helped strengthen her ability to teach, lead and connect with people from various walks of life.

The global prayer warrior has spent nearly a decade teaching and preaching to people about understanding their value in order to achieve happy, healthy lives in Christ. Patterson has authored a series of successful books to guide readers to God’s love for them, and gives detailed insight to praying intimately and with intent. As the founder and CEO of Wynter Patterson Ministries, Patterson teaches through transparency. She used her talents to become owner of Wynter Tyme Publishing, which has published her “I Am a Pearl” book series.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in business psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University and a master’s degree in business administration. She also studied expository preaching at Oxford University and received a certificate of theology from Princeton University. When she’s not sharing God's word through powerful sermons, workshops and conferences, Patterson goes into the community with her nonprofit organization, I Am a Pearl Inc., to reach youth grappling with teen issues.

“I like to get into that space with people who need healing, because we all have something we’re going through.”